Hosiery Care and Washing

The best way to care for those sexy, soft and delicate pantyhose is simple TLC. Removing them as gently as you put them on. Jewellery is not hosiery friendly nor rough hands and nails. If you do have rough hands or nails, try using special hosiery gloves. Long toe nails will cause holes in them almost instantly, so just common sense really. Put them on as gently as possible without tugging to hard and pulling them up too tight causing runs and tearing.
With extra care and a little luck on your side some pairs will last you years before that inevitable run comes along. Washing them should be done by hand with mild detergent like Woolite or a similar type. If handwashing is out of the question; place them in a lingerie bag or pillow case and then toss into the washing machine on the delicate cycle. This will help anything from snagging them in the wash with other garments. Always use cool water and never any bleach. Fabric softener may stain so avoid that to be safe. Once that’s done hang them to dry…,but if hand washed, roll hose in a dry towel to remove excess water before hanging to dry, never ring the water out; that only causes excess stretching of the hosiery. Never put them in the dryer, that heat is death to nylon and spandex/lycra. Of course the manufacturers care instructions are there for a reason….however sometimes those instructions are difficult to understand. A little helpful clothes pin advice….when using clothes pins on the line they can sometimes catch the hose, so adding a little piece of paper towel or even a face cloth over the hose and then pin it over that, will solve that problem.
Ohh and last but not least keep an eye out if your hanging those oh so alluring silky hose on the clothesline…..I’ve heard there’s some hose lovers out there that wouldn’t bat an eye at nabbing them when they think no ones looking! *wink* *wink*

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Suntan Pantyhose / Tights Video

For our pantyhose lovers…a new vid clip was uploaded to Youtube today for you to view. Bonny is putting on a silky soft pair of suntan nylons for you.

View it here.

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Happy Thankgiving!!!


Did you know….

Clyde C Barrow was first arrested in late 1926, after running when police confronted him over a rental car he had failed to return on time. His second arrest, with brother Buck Barrow, came soon after — this time for possession of stolen goods (turkeys). LOL…thought that was fitting for todays post.

Speaking of Turkeys, since it is officially a turkey kind of day; here’s a few lil turkey bits you may not be aware of…

-Turkeys are not reliable egg layers and tend to lay their eggs seasonally opposed to the typical chicken.

-They tend to lay 100-120 eggs per yr

-The eggs are edible, but apparently are not quite as tasty as your regular chicken egg….seems to have a much stronger flavour. Guess for all these reasons the eggs aren’t in your everyday food market.

Why we are thankful on this day for pantyhose:
1) To Allen Grant Sr. for introducing pantyhose in 1959.
2) The way we tend to slip and slide against each other when we both wear them.
3) They cum in sizes that allow for affordable, fun encasement play.
4) For the way they can be used as a naughty bondage accessory.
5) For the vast styles and colors that they cum in to please our every pantyhose desire.

~Clyde has also made a special podcast here for today.

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Latest Updates….

As many of you are aware we recently launched our new amateur website BONNYnCLYDE.net . It’s not very big right now, but we are working feverishly with it and have lots of great plans in the works and hope we can count on our fans sticking with us through this short awkward phase. The next big addition will be fun pantyhose cam shows. We’re just geting ourselves set up for it at the moment and will announce it here when the first cam show will take place.
Our new website has just been updated with new saucy vids today as well!
Also just added are some new pantyhose picture sets and a video clip to our stores.
Hope you enjoy these!
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Pantyhose / Tights Packaging Woes

Ok we have a huge beef with manufacturers and pantyhose/tights packaging. As hosers we are particular about what we want in a good pair of hose as many of you are. Everyone is looking for differant characteristics in hose, and that’s why so many pairs vary…..all good right? However we’re tired of being mislead, or not given enough info on the package and having to guess what ‘might’ be in the concealed package. Heaven forbid you open it in the store to look inside; big no-no! You get them home and it’s not what you expected (STW-sheer to waist) and it has a dang cotten gusset!
The store won’t take back the open package either so how do we really know what’s in there? It urks us to no end. Finding older vintage pairs of pantyhose, most at least when it said STW, it was just that….nothing else. Now that’s just an example, but so many packages only indicate part of the hose details…why the hell don’t they finish? Is it that hard? This can
make the differance between a sale and it just sitting on the shelf. No longer do we care if we open it in the store, let them spank our ass. If it’s not on display, then it’s getting checked out, not getting stung anymore!
We’ve also tried the last 2 yrs to find a bodystocking, reasonably priced without the open crotch! Some packages tell you and others want you to use a crystal ball and guess. Good grief, we’ve had it and are now going to speak up to these manufacturers about it. Granted some companies are great about the info they give you, and even detailed pictures/drawings (a universal language).
I’m sure several of you have similar annoyances with the packaging info too. We’ve included a couple website links that list manufacturers / suppliers for you to voice your beefs/opinions too; perhaps if we all speak up someone might listen and make some much needed changes. Otherwise things will probably still be the same if we just sit back and bitch in silence. If you just want some interesting hosiery reading these links have that as well.
Manufacturers Directory

Suppliers / Manufacturers

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Remembrance Day / Veterans Day

Today a new podcast was posted by Clyde to honor all the War Veterans, we hope you take a moment to listen. All their sacrifices will never be forgotten.
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Daylight Savings Time…set those clocks back folks!

Ok so I wake up this morning already confused on the time (forgot to set clock before bed ). My first mistake was going to the computer before having my coffee, just adds to my easily confused mind. Computer screen says 9am and the other clocks says 10am ….WTF!!! Didn’t dawn on me about the time change and so walked away wondering in my mind why my puter is whack this morning when all the other clocks say 10am. So I make a fresh pot of Joe as the sparks fly in my incompacitated brain thinking and thinking. ‘BEEP’! Coffee is ready, pour an aromatic blast of energy and wander back to the puter. I take a nice long sip of coffee and all of a sudden it hits me!!! Dang time change…good lord why must we mess with time let alone confusing so many folks on a Sunday morning??? Surely I’m not the only one? Granted I’m total ditz material before my morning coffee which explains why the milk is often placed in the cupboard at breakfast time, but anyways back to the topic… I know some parts of the world they don’t mess with time changes like we do and they’re doing just fine; so why must we do it? I don’t get it and don’t like it, plain and simple really. It’s hard enough to make it to work on time, get to where we’re going on time, just plain ol’ organizing our time and then twice a year we have to phuck with time AHHHHHHHHHHH! Oh I’m sure there’s some complicated, long winded reasoning behind this time warp, but honestly when it comes down to it…why bother? If other states/provinces can forgo the change we should be able to as well. Just my opinion and I’m sticking to it!
Damn this coffee rocks…well folks hope your Sunday isn’t too outta whack over this and this week actually gives you some time to make it to work early (ok now I’m being a smart ass). I’m really done ranting now and feel much better knowing what time it really is.
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Happy Hallow-Weenie

We both want to wish everyone that participates in Halloween a safe, spooky and absolute frightful Halloween. So much fun to dress up and be whatever/whoever you wish to be for a short spell. It’s our favorite time of year, but unfortunately this year we are spending it apart in differant countries, but there’s always next year right? Guarantee we’ll make up for that.
Sweet candy for the kids, and sweet eye candy for the adults…ohhhh YA BABY!
Trick or Treat, why do you have to choose….hell why not both!!!!
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Favorite Pantyhose Style Poll Results are in…

We had great particiaption in this poll, thanks everyone for sharing your favorites with us! If you click on the image it will open up for better viewing of the numbers. Sheer to Waist (stw) got a whopping 46% of the votes, Seamless got 24% of the votes and Reinforced Toe (RT) came in a tight 3rd at 21% . Great job everyone!

Check out the new poll.

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Anyone Know Your Secrets?

Everyone has secrets, yes everyone. Clyde and I are wondering specifically about your sexual secrets. Whether it’s your sexual orientation, fantasies, fetishes, or taboo’s. Does anyone but you know about them? Are you on the verge of getting it off your chest to your best friend or partner? Are you shuddering at the thought of anyone possibly finding out who you REALLY are or what you REALLY desire? Why do we worry so much about what others think? Why do we make ourselves miserable in not being ourselves just because Jack or Jill may not approve? Sure we’re asking alot of questions, but have you ever pondered just that?

There was a time in my life as well as Clydes where we were concerned about what others thought of some of our actions/desires and lived vicariously through what was ‘acceptable’ by the norm. Let us tell you it’s not living….living a lie perhaps, but living…not even close. Having their approval; was it really so important if we weren’t happy?
I do believe as we grow as individuals and become wiser, we also start to sit back and take a long hard look at how our journey as a young child to the present had led us. Has it led us to where we want to be? Did we allow it to lead us where we want to be? I bet many of you will say “no”. Alot of that has to do with how true you’ve been with yourself and others in our opinion, but that’s just our opinion. Those who love and care for you will stand by you….they don’t have to like it, but they should accept your decision. As the saying goes “agree to disagree”. Who gives anyone the power to be so judgemental in the first place….I guarantee those same people are harboring their own little secrets too. All this just gets us riled up when day in day out we see folks opening their hearts up to us, because they are so torn on how to ‘spill the beans’ so to speak to their closest friends, family and/or lovers.
So if you need someone to talk to about your ‘secret(s)’, feel free to get in touch with us here. We’re not qualified professionals, but perhaps we can lend you a comforting ear, or help you take it a step further.

-The upcoming poll will be concerning this, so please take a moment to share in it.

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